Saturday, October 1, 2016

Tuscan Landscape Design

Tuscan Landscape Design
The Tuscan landscape design is a form of beauty that can apply to any yard or garden and offer Old World appeal, rustic with the unique of natural gardens, while highlighting the elegance of the best residential architecture. Many people identify the Tuscan garden style is a perfect blend of natural beauty, and Renaissance Italy, the elegance of more modern style. This rustic, but stylish, outdoor design is great for today's well-known California and Mediterranean style architecture and is fast-becoming a well liked landscape style in affluent communities around the world.

Tuscan Landscape Design Materials

A typical aspect in these Mediterranean styled designs would be that the outdoor area is highly functional and easy to maintain. Walkways for exploring and terraces for entertaining create an outdoor living space that is inviting and beautiful. Choosing the proper materials for these floors is an essential part of creating a relaxing, authentic Tuscany ambiance throughout your garden or yard, such as Weather treated bricks, Gravel and decomposed granite, Tumbled travertine pavers, etc.

Tuscan Landscape Design Accessories

Lighting, furniture, and other attractive accents are also necessary in order to create a perfect, Tuscan air in the outdoor area. Terra cotta is an essential and inexpensive part of the Tuscan landscape design. Terra cotta urns, pots, and planters can be spread throughout outdoor area to highlight delicate fruit trees, plants, and other ornamental. Teak furnishings and Wrought iron also add the rustic feel and look of Old World Tuscany into the outdoor living space.

Tuscan Landscape Design Ideas

Tuscan Landscape Design Plant

Tuscan style accessories, materials that show the look of Tuscany, and plants typical to farm life are the critical factors to a real Tuscan landscape design and the plants used in this style of landscape are fragrant, lush, and majestic species typical to Mediterranean Italy. Picturesque evergreens, flowering vines, fragrant, and Aromatic herb gardens are perfect choices.

Applying the appearance of Tuscany into your landscaping requires serious preparations and correct selection of materials and plants. An expert landscaping service can guarantee the true Tuscan landscape design for your home style, and also your personal tastes.

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